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Death Sentence by Joe Sharkey

 If you have read even one of my other book reviews, then you know already
that I love reading. Make it a true crime book and you have me for the
evening; those are my favorites. When I came across Death Sentence by
Joe Sharkey, I could not leave it. It tells the inside story of John
List Murders.

How it All Went Down

bought a copy of Death Sentence late last year. The well researched,
well written book tells a story about John Emil List, a competent but
rigid accountant who killed his mother, his wife, his daughter and his
two sons on a single day, before he vanished into thin air. He would go
on to remarry and re-invent his life and live as a new man for 18 years
before he was finally caught. It turned out to be a very captivating

Just days before the murder, List’s daughter told a friend
that she was certain the dad was going to kill her. She said that he had
asked all the kids how they wanted to die. I found it very sad knowing
that the lost lives of the five could have been saved.

The book
takes us back to John List’s upbringing, the man he was, and what made
him the rigid man he would become. It gives you a picture of what pushed
him over the edge as to carefully plan as well as execute an almost
perfect murder. It is terrifying to read how easy it would be for a
murderer to get away with a heinous crime.

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