Cute Purple Outfits for a 2 Year Old Girl

Toddler girls are cute in whatever you make them wear, but trust purple to make them look way much cuter and cuddly. It is the color of royalty, it sparks creativity and mystery. And it is such a beautiful color. In this hub post, I’ll select some cute purple outfits that I would like to see my girl in. Like all girls, she loves to look stunning and I love to make her stand out. You can browse Jumia Kenya for more toddler outfits.

#1 Pacific Bungee dresses

I have started with this one because there are so many prints and colors that you can choose from. From blue to purple, spring blossom to hibiscus. Pink, white, orange, you name it. But today being a purple day, here is my winner; a purple pacific bungee dress.
I always go for cotton when I can when choosing cloths for a toddler. It is absorbent and breathable making it very comfortable and friendly on the little one’s skin. The empire waist on this one makes it cute and I like the fact that the straps are elastic. This will ensure that it fits without being uncomfortably tight.

A Cute Toddler in Purple

Purple is a cute color on kids. That’s probably the reason why this kid looks so happy.
Source: By Nemo via

#2 Who can Resist Rubie’s Cute as Can be

This next one might be pink, but it has been accented with purple and the two colors look really good together. It is as girly as they come. Just what your girl needs for that costume party.

Rubie's Cute As Can Be Pink Fairy Tutu Costume, Toddler (1- 2 Years)
Rubie’s Cute As Can Be Pink Fairy Tutu Costume, Toddler (1- 2 Years)
Girls love dress up. They will try on your shoes, cloths and make-up. To give her the chance to be a girl, this little piece will do the job perfectly. It is a nice gift for a little girl and would be perfect for costume parties. Don’t you just love the cute head bow?
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#3 How about a Purple Suit?

A top and a bottom for the comfortable but very fashionable look

Mother and Baby

Mum and baby. See how the purple background makes this image so beautiful.

Source: By Destiny via

#4 Not to forget Sofia the First Outfit

There is no way you can talk about purple little outfits and leave out Sofia The First dresses. This is where purple lives to it’s name of being a royalty color. It allows the princess in your life to feel like a real princess.

Sofia the First Sofia's Transforming Dress
Sofia the First Sofia’s Transforming Dress
The thing I like the most about this dress is that the skirt is removable. In just one step, it will transform from a ball gown to a real ballerina dress. Talk about magical!
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Which Outfit did you like the best

  • The Pacific Bungee Dress
  • Rubie’s Cute Fairy Tutu Costume
  • Bueno’s Ninos Baby Girl’s Chiffon Suit
  • Sofia The First Transformation Dress

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