Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers

My daughter just turned 17 months this week, the age where she’s starting to tell what’s cute and what’s not. And like most girl’s her age (my age even :-)), she likes colorful outfits and toys. The brighter, the better.
And now to my problem. I need to find her a really cute Halloween costume she can wear to her first Halloween. Assuming, of course, that you don’t count last year’s since she was still a small baby and didn’t know what was going on around her then. My creative juices were however flowing at the time and I used these Two Front Teeth Baby Pacifier on her. I’m positive she would not appreciate such humor now.
I have been considering several options and I hope to make an informed decision soon. Here we go…

Cute wig

Princess Costumes

Which girl does not want to feel like a princess even if it’s for a day? I know I do. Wearing a princess costume is sure to make a girl feel special. This is the reason this option is on top of the list.
She loves Sofia the First and would look like Royalty in the costume. But how about adding a twist and dressing her as a pirate princess? That would be interesting and unique.

Little Red Riding Hood Child Costume

How about the riding hood costume. This costume is just too pretty. What’s not to love? The basket completes the look. One word, to die for.

Colorful Long Wavy Synthetic Cosplay Wig

This is just something to ensure that my little girl stands out. It is very easy for several kids to wear the same costume to a Halloween party. If tastefully done, this outfit could transform any outfit giving it an edge. It just adds a little fun to the party.

Deluxe Toddler Elvis Costume

If I had a boy, the Elvis Costume would have been my choice. Very Cool. Take a look below.

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