Consumption of Alcohol During Pregnancy Still a Major Concern

A research carried out in England, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand indicated that women still consume low levels of alcohol while pregnant. Twenty to 80 percent of those interviewed admitted to drinking while they were expectant.

The study looked into three databases of women who gave birth between 2008 and 2012. The saddest part is that the number of units consumed reduced in the second trimester. This is scary since the first trimester is the most delicate as the baby is just forming and the risk of damage to the unborn baby is highest at this point. Wome probably drink more during the first trimester due to the fact that the pregnancy does not show this early, making it easier for a woman to get away with drinking without being judged by those around.

Miscarriages, premature and still births are ,just some of the risks a woman faces when they drink during pregnancy. The more serious effect is the fetal alcohol syndrome which manifests itself in form of facial abnormalities, intellectual and physical disabilities. The infants born to drinking moms are also underweight. 

Though most women said that they drunk the alcohol in low quantities, in one study, up to 45% admitted to binge drinking. This is where a person drinks six or more units of alcohol per sitting; one unit being a glass of wine, half a pint of lager or a shot of spirit.

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