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Checklist for Newborn Baby Essentials

I like to monitor the search terms people use to come to my site because it tells me what they are really interested in. Some of the terms sending me traffic of late are essentials for a newborn baby in Kenya, checklist for newborn baby in Kenya and the like, and seeing that I have never written about it, it is my guess that many Kenyan moms are not getting the information that they come looking for.

I went on a hunt for information and came across this infographic by MomJunction that I felt would be much help to a mom-to-be wondering what to buy in preparation for a newborn baby.

As you can see, there are 6 categories that you need to take care of. Lets go through each one step by step.

Bed and Bedding

While some parents co-sleep with their newborn babies, it is recommended that infants sleep in their own bed. This is especially important when they are really small as co-sleeping exposes them to many risks associated with SIDs or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Ensure that the mattress is very firm and the bedding well fitted and tight to prevent your baby from suffocating.

Bath Time

Go for the very soft and absorbent wash cloths and towels and avoid using perfumed products because the baby’s skin is still very sensitive.


Different moms have different preferences when it comes to diapering. You can go for disposable or re-washable diapers. There are dozens of brands to choose from when it comes to disposable diapers. Find one that works for you and your baby. It helps to get the ones with a wetness indicator. They will save you lots of energy and time that you’d otherwise waste undressing your baby every time you suspect that they might be wet.


When buying clothing for your new baby, keep in mind the season and the rapidness at which an infant grows. There is no need buying a dozen of size zero jackets for a kid who is to be born in January.

Kids outgrow their tiny outfits in as little as 2 weeks. Shop smart, mixing up the sizes as you will not have the energy to go shopping when your baby is just 6 weeks old.


This category mostly applies to those who own cars. Majority of Kenyan moms don’t. When choosing the gear, the safety of your baby should come first. Look for a car seat that can be installed easily.


This again depend on the mom. For babies who are to be breastfed exclusively for the first six months, you need not get them bottles. All you need are burp cloths, nursing bras and pads, and a nursing pillow. The later is in fact very important if you are to take care of your back.

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