Cheapest Pregnancy Pants Extender

There’s that awkward stage in pregnancy when you’re not yet ready to slip into maternity clothing and yet your jeans are too tight and uncomfortable around your waist. What to do? You can either do what I did when I got pregnant the first time and buy bigger jeans (which won’t fit in a month BTW), or you can invest in a pregnancy pants extender and continue flaunting your current jeans.

But where do you buy these pregnancy pants extenders in Kenya?

This is how they look like
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Anyone? Let me know in the comments section if you know where to get them.

For now, I have an even cheaper fix. It involves the use of a rubber band or a very thin hair band.

All you need now is a top that is long enough to hide your little secret and you’re ready to go.
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  1. Thread the band through the button hole of your pants
  2. Bring the loop of the band back though the center of the front loop and pull tight
  3. Put the remaining loop through the button of your pants
  4. Enjoy the extra room in your pants

This simple trick will save you money you’ll definitely need later for the diapers. At least until you actually need maternity wear for real. Click below to view.

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