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CCTV Camera Captures a Nanny Physically Abusing a Toddler in Ngong

Traditionally, women would stay in the house taking care of the kids and other household duties while the men went looking for bacon. Things have changed and with the heavy financial needs in  today’s households, both parents are forced to go to work leaving their babies with the nannies.

While it is obvious that you’re the only person who can look after your child the way you’d like, some sacrifices have to be made and the people who suffer the blunt of this issue are unfortunately our helpless kids.

Talk to any mother and they’ll have a bad experience they’ve had with their child’s caregiver. I personally wrote about my experience with a nanny from hell sometime back.

This video below shows a nanny ignoring a child’s cries for attention which leads to the boy falling on his head from the chair to the hard floor. Instead of getting some consolation from the person employed for that very purpose, the nanny slaps the toddler across his face/head. Mealtime is no different, the poor boy is beaten to eat and when he refuses the woman eats the food.

The video is graphic but  it is necessary for us as parents to ask ourselves how safe our children are while we’re at work.

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