Care Provider First Aid, Emergency Care and Initial Treatment by FACE IT®

Care provider is a parent, guardian, or any adult who looks after an infant, toddler, or child. He/she is responsible for feeding, washing, and providing any needs that the child may have. It also includes teachers offering education to these children. Any adult who has contact with them can be said to be a care provider. Therefore, it is paramount that these individuals be in a position to provide basic first aid/ emergency care or initial treatment while waiting to see the clinician.  

First Aid Training in Kenya. Image source: Pixabay
FACE IT® ensures that you halt and prevent worsening of a life threatening condition. Knowing what to do ensures the victim survives such conditions. Ignorance causes panic and as such, very little help is offered to the victim. 

The training will focus on life threatening conditions commonly encountered at home or in school. The main topics covered will include: hands only CPR, choking, seizures, poisoning, fainting, foreign bodies, burns, and drowning. It will be a practical training with a bit of theory. The aim is to have the care provider prepared to save the life of the child he/she is entrusted with.

The trainings will be held at your home, schools, and other convenient locations. The duration of the training will be four hours, with a half hour break.  

The charges will be Ksh. 2000 per trainee. First Aid Kits are available at EMKF each at Ksh. 2000.
Contact person:
Dr Jeremiah Gitau Njenga

Mob: 0720744389

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