Bizarre ways of Losing Weight

I love talking about weight loss because it is a topic affecting very many people out there. We all know that exercise and healthy eating can speed up weight loss, but did you know that using blue plates and watching horror movies can do it as well? No? That’s why I’m here. Take a look below.


Watching Horror Movies

 A research by the University of Westminster has shown that watching a horror movie can help you burn calories. The scientists considered the heart rate, oxygen intake and Carbon Dioxide output and concluded that the calories burnt increased by a third, an equivalent to a 30 minute walk.

The research indicated that the scarier the movie, the greater the results as the adrenaline rush raises the metabolic rate which in turn burns the calories.’, ‘Watching Horror Movies Burns Calories!!!

It’s always good to hear that you can lose weight as you do something you enjoy doing. 🙂

Colour Blue

 A research in New York carried out by Dr Val Jones and the Parsons School of Design deduced that eating in a room painted blue decreased the consumption of snacks by a whooping 33%.

To add fun to the party, you can try using blue plates and eat your way to a slimmer you.

High Altitude

 A scientist transported 20 overweight people to 8,700 feet altitude where they were allowed to eat all they wanted without exercise.

They lost an average of 3 pounds believed to be as a result of increased metabolism that helped burn more calories,

Their leptin level, the satiety hormone, surged while the hunger hormone grehlin remained unchanged. They therefore felt less hungry.


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