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Best Toys and Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids in 2023

Lego and Disney Frozen toys are predicted to be the biggest selling toys in Christmas 2018. According to the Toy Retailers Association, early indications suggest that 2018 will be the biggest year yet when it comes to Christmas toys. The panel went ahead and selected the 12 best selling toys for Christmas 2018 that are expected to dominate the holidays. Here is the list.

6 Year Old Girls
6 Year Old Boys
7 Year Old Girls
7 Year Old Boys
8 Year Old Girls
8 Year Old Boys
9 Year Old Girls
9 Year Old Boys
10 Year Old Girls
10 Year Old Boys
11 Year Old Girls
11 Year Old Boys
12 Year Old Girls
12 Year Old Boys
13 Year Old Girls
13 Year Old Boys
Teenage Girls


Factors to Consider When Getting Toys


Toys are made according to the age of the child. While younger kids have plush toys, balls, simple puzzles and blocks, older ones can play with electronics and more complicated puzzles. Each toy has a recommended age on the packaging to help you choose more wisely.


The safety of your child should always come first. Small parts are a choking hazard and plastic wrappings are also hazardous. The packaging on the toy should have a warning.


Some toys are made with girls in mind while others are meant for boys. Dolls and stuffed animals appeal more to girls while guns and vehicles appeal more to the boys.


In their early years, kids outgrow their toys very fast.You might not want to spend so much money for an item you will only use a few months. This applies especially in times when you find two toys with different pricing but similar functionality.


They say that quality comes with a price. It is more economical to buy a costly toy that is durable as compared to buying a toy that will need to be replaced or fixed in no time.

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