Best Exercises to Lose Weight

What are the best exercises to lose weight. When it comes to weight loss, you want to focus more on the best exercises that give the optimum benefits. The exercises also need to be exciting so you don’t feel like you’re overworking yourself which might reduce your motivation to lose weight. The key is to find something you like. It does not have to be intensive like running. Try jogging or even walking. Do you like dancing instead? Would you rather do yoga or do you prefer swimming?

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You can choose the most comfortable exercises for you from this lists of the best exercises for a man or the best exercises for a woman. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not boring. Otherwise, you’ll run out of energy in not time. Whatever you do, keep the points below in your mind…

  • Increase your cardio intensity

Increasing your cardio intensity burns calories like crazy. High intensity interval training is the best exercise method you can use to lose weight. It can be applied in any sort of exercise whether rope jumping, swimming, running cycling, walking or even aerobics. To do it, limit your training session to a maximum of 20 minutes varying your intensity as you go. Start the first 5 minutes with a 65% intensity warm up, increase this to 90% for the next minute. Drop back to 65% for the next minute and go back up, alternate like these till the 20 minutes are over. You’ll burn tonnes of calories in this way. To increase your metabolism and boost your energy, consider a quality appetite suppressant.

  • Cross train for great results

Another method of avoiding monotony in your training is to cross train. This is whee you switch back and forth between different forms of exercises in a single session. It not only adds fun to the party, it also increases the calories burnt die to the changes in intensity of the different styles of exercises. Just make sure to start with the most intensive exercise and work your way to the least intensive one.

  • Avoid spot reducing

Spot reducing refers to an exercise that targets to a particular part of the body in the hopes that you’ll reduce fat in that region. Most people focus on losing the stomach fat in order to get a flat stomach and will therefore do hundreds of crunches, squats and sit-ups hoping to get a flatter tummy. The reason why spot reducing does not work is because it’s only natural to lose weight fast in the places where you gained it last. That’s just how it works. Simply do general exercises and lose weight all over the body. You can then do some strength training to tone up the parts where the weight has come off as well as to build lean muscles which are basically fuel that burns even more fat.

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