Bellefit Postpartum Support Girdle Belly Band Review

I learned a lot about my body when I got pregnant and later delivered. The first and very important lesson I learned was that a woman’s body is completely amazing; it is able to carry , nurture and deliver an amazing little human being. This I already knew though. The one thing I did not know was that it is not elastic. Well, I also somehow knew this, I just hoped and prayed that mine would be different. By the end of it all, I had stretch marks and a changed body that begged to differ.

Postpartum belly band

 The one thing that surprises most women is how big their tummies look after delivery. I had expected to wear my pre-pregnancy cloths from the hospital, but I was very shocked to realize that I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. So not cool.

I had bought the very high-waist panties before hand and I wore those to compress my tummy for the first few days. They had a very strong elastic band and would have worked great were it not for the hassle I had to go through putting them on and off. You have to remember that when a woman is pregnant, the body retains so much water. This is what makes a pregnant woman look swollen on the face and legs. This water is lost weeks following the delivery through urination. And I mean very frequent urination. Now you can imagine having to go to the loo every hour and fighting with the panties to allow me to go. I just did not have the time or the energy. Especially the energy.

My husband got me the Bellefit Postpartum Support Girdle belly band a week later and I wished I had it sooner. Putting on the medical grade postpartum girder was not hectic at all. It had zippers and hooks on the side to ease the process. But I did not have to worry about the friction they would cause to my body as they were padded on the inside. The other thing I loved the most about this postpartum girdle was the easy access to my intimates through a flap and was unhook-able. I no longer had a hard time going to relieve myself.

They had four sizes, I chose small and it fit perfectly giving me much support on my back and tummy. The way it works is just like stomach vacuum exercises. The tensing of the muscles works the core making the muscles there strong as well as helping the uterus to reduce to it’s original size. It does not, however, burn fat. You have to do regular exercises for that and choose healthier meals.

The bellefit postpartum support belly band can be used from day one after delivery to up to six months. I even wore it to the gym when the time was right. If you wear it religiously, you will have your flat tummy back in a shorter period of time like I did.

Women who underwent C-Section need some special care. You cannot risk irritating the incision scar. The front hooks protect your scar when you are putting the support girdle on.
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