Baked Indian Pudding Recipe

Pudding recipe


·         A quart of milk
·         Sifted Indian meal
·         3 Tbsp wheat flour
·         3 eggs
·         2 tsp salt
·         2 tsp cinnamon
·         A nutmeg
·         3 tbsp sugar
·         A couple tbsp butter
·         ½ pound raisins
Boil a quart of milk, and mix it on to a pint of sifted Indian meal. Stir it in well, so as to scald it before mixing three table-spoonfuls of wheat flour with a pint of milk. The milk should be stirred gradually into the flour, so as to have it mix lump-free. Add the Indian meal and mix everything together. When just lukewarm, beat three eggs with three table-spoonfuls of sugar and stir them into the pudding, together with two tea-spoonfuls of salt, two tea-spoonfuls of cinnamon, or a grated nutmeg, and a couple of table-spoonfuls of melted butter, or suet chopped fine. 

If you like your pudding very rich, add half a pound of raisins. Do not put then in though till the pudding has baked for five or six minutes. Raisins absorb a great deal of milk. You will therefore need an additional half pint of milk if using them. To make the Indian pudding without eggs, use half a pint more of meal, and no flour. It takes three hours to bake an Indian pudding without eggs and much less time when it has the eggs.

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