Baby Djorn Carrier Newborn Review 2015

If you are looking for a comfortable carrier for a newborn baby, baby djorn carrier newborn is your perfect for both your com,fort and that of your young baby. I bought my original baby djorn carrier when my daughter was just a day’s old and this is one of the best investments I have made. It has a latch at the bottom designed to keep the infant upright thus securing the airways. The soft cotton material and the adjustable head rest provides ample support for the baby’s head, neck and back.
Baby Djorn Carrier Newborn

The other latches are easy to secure and un-secure and this makes it very easy to put the baby on or take her off. Facing forward, it provides such amazing closeness and I could in fact nurse my baby without having to take her off. I just adjusted the straps to have her a little lower than normal and that worked very well.

My baby is now an year and a half and I am still using the baby djorn carrier newborn just as comfortable. This original baby djorn carrier makes this transition easy though the adjustments that are made to fit the growing baby. The good thing when the baby is a  little older is the fact that this baby djorn carrier’s head support can be folded outwards to allow you carry your baby facing outwards. This is especially great for curious eyes who want to explore the world around them. I know a baby who will not agree to be carried facing the mum.

When my baby was a little younger, she loved to chew on the baby djorn carrier when I carried her facing forward. This is however not a big deal with this  carrier since the material in this baby djorn carrier for newborns and toddlers is original and completely safe. It is also very delicate to the sensitive skin.

And to the parent, the baby djorn carrier is comfortable since it has wide shoulder  straps and a wide adjustable back support. You will also love the closeness and the bonding between you and the baby. And the most important thing is that with your shoulders and back doing all the work (and I must add comfortably),both your arms will be free. You can therefore do your chores easily will your baby is strapped on you.

The carrier is a little pricey but I must say that it is worth every penny. If I could recommend a baby carrier for a newborn and toddler, the baby Djorn carrier would be it.

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