Baby Bump at Four Months of Pregnancy

We’re still growing!

Baby bump  at four months

I am 19 weeks pregnant today. Just one week and I’ll be halfway. How exciting!

The baby is now kicking a storm in there and it is the most beautiful feeling. Baby Center App tells me that she’s now about 6″ tall from head to bottom and 1/4 kg in weight. That’s a long way from the ‘sesame seed size’ she was a short 3 months ago.

This pregnancy is different from my first one in so many ways. Though I did not get fatigued like I did with my daughter, everything else has been a little worse.

The nausea was worse and the pregnancy pains are definitely worse. I have to blame myself though. This time I’m very lazy and the only time I get any physical activity is when I walk on my way to and from work.

Being a #WordlesWednesday, I will not say much. I’ll just leave you to enjoy the few days left to the Easter Holidays.

If we do not see each other before then, am wishing you a Happy Easter from my family and I. Take care and be blessed.

Until we see each other again, 

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