Avenue Hospital Nairobi Maternity Package

Avenue hospital is one of  the most affordable maternity hospitals in Nairobi. Their rates are much lower than the private hospitals we have. The hospital is located in the Parklands area  along the First Parklands Avenue in Nairobi.

In this post we look at the avenue maternity packages available, the services covered in each, the cost as well as the deposit you are required to pay before hand.

Avenue Hospital Nairobi Maternity Package
Services offered
Cost in Ksh.

Deposit in Ksh.
Normal Delivery
  • Delivery room
  • Drugs and dressings
  • Ward bed up to 3 days for mother and baby
Midwife Delivery
  • Normal Delivery Package

  • The Avenue midwife charges
 Obstetrician Delivery
  • Benefits of the normal delivery Package
  • Delivery by the Avenue Hospital Obstetrician
  • One visit by the resident Paediatrician
45, 000
Caesarian Package
 (for patients with Private Doctors)
  • Theatre charges

  • Drugs and Dressings

  • Ward bed up to 5 days for mother and baby
Scheduled   Elective Caesarian
  • Theatre charges

  • Drugs and Dressings

  • A venue Hospital Obstetrician, Anaesthetist and Paediatrician fees up to 5 days

  • Ward bed up to 5 days for mother and baby
 Emergency Caesarian
  • Elective Caesarian package but on an emergency basis

Services not Included in the Avenue Hospital Nairobi Maternity Package

  • Delivery at any facility other than Avenue Hospital.
  • Treatment of illness during pregnancy, admission, delivery or baby care
  • Nutritional supplements during pregnancy
  • Specialized care like specialists, treatment of prematurity, incubator care, respiratory distress, congenital diseases or other illnesses
  • Any charges after three days
  • Illness of the baby after discharge
  • Vaccines not included in the KEPI regime


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