Avent Breast Milk Storage Containers for Freezer

Philips Avent 10 Pack BPA Free Breast Milk Storage Starter Set comes with 10 cups, 10 lids and 2 VIA adapters. Going for less than $15, this set is the best storage for not only breast milk, but also any other home prepared baby food like pureed fruits or even mashed sweet potatoes for your little bundle of joy. But is this the only reason why Avent breast storage containers for freezer are so popular? The answer is no.
Breast milk Storage containers for freezer
You will love the convenience they provide, with any Avent Breast Pump, electric or manual, you can connect  these Avent breast milk storage containers for freezer and express in them directly. The lips fit perfectly to allow you store your milk in the freezer. For the working mum who expresses at work, the lid is tight enough to ensure that you carry your breast milk in your bag without it leaking or spilling all over.  

Feeding the baby is as easy. Simply replace the lid with the nipple and you are good to go. And when the baby outgrows the nipple, the baby can drink directly from the Avent breast milk storage containers.

Avent breast milk storage containers for freezer are BPA free, dishwasher free and easy to hand wash and easily stack into each other when they are empty. The lids also stack on each other and therefore storage will never be a problem. And what’s more, the full storage cups can in fact stack up nicely in the freezer and that is one thing every mum can appreciate.

Most reviewers complain about the lids and how hard it is to close and then open, but what most people do not know is that the lids are closed and opened by twisting the lids. I had a baby sitter who struggled with opening them for so long without my knowledge because she thought that the lids should be pulled out. I have never had a problem with twisting anticlockwise to open.

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