Appleton Kindergarten and Montessori School

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.” Those are George Evans Words. The Montessori education system recognizes this only too well; the fact that every child learns in his/her own pace and way. It appreciates the uniqueness of every child and individualizes the learning plan to ensure that every student advances to the next level of the curriculum only when they are ready.

Among the many benefits of the Montessori system are;

  • Children develop independence, coordination and concentration at an early age
  • The multi-age structure creates a close-knit caring community where the older children act as mentors and the younger ones feel challenged and supported
  • Children learn at their own pace
  • Learning is enjoyable since the kids are active participants in deciding what the focus of their learning will be
  • Children are provided with the freedom and the tools they need to be active seekers of knowledge
  • The Montessori approach encourages self assessment and self correction allowing the children to learn from their errors and mistakes.
  • It inspires creativity focusing more on the process rather than the results


Appleton Kindergarten and Montessori School
Appleton Kindergarten is one of the very best Montessori schools in Nairobi. Located in Kilimani and now in Ngong, the school prepares kids for the learning process that is to come whether they continue with the international system or move to the 8.4.4 system in the future.
In a clean and serene environment, the children learn through play and handling of objects, acquiring skills that enable them to communicate better, negotiate, solve problems as well as work as part of a group.
The Kindergarten enroll kids between ages 2 and 6; play group catering for 2-3 years while kindergarten caters for 3-6 years.
Among the things they learn in the playgroup are painting, singing, colouring, storytelling, dancing, water playing and music.
Kindergartners are taught subjects such as Languages, Sciences, Maths, Practical life,  Cookery, Theology, Games as well as Art and Craft
Appleton Kindergarten also has the following extra-curricular activities:
  • Kiswahili plus French Languages
  • P.E and Sports
  • Dance – Ballet, African and Expressive Dance
  • Swimming
  • Musical Instruments
  • Computer Studies
  • Tae – Kwondo

The school provides nutritious, well balanced meals. They have a qualified cook who makes a healthy diet that includes


  • Vegetables with meals all days
  • Snacks for break; cereals. Biscuits and cake taken with chocolate, juice or tea
  • Beef or Chicken taken with Rice Pasta, Mashed potatoes & banana
  • Fruits on a daily basis
  • Clean drinking water



The school offers transport to all children from the neighboring areas. The routes for the Kilimani School include Adams Arcade, Woodley, Jamhuri, Ngong rd up to City Morgue, Hurlingham, Yaya, Dennis Pritt, Lenana rd, Methodist Guest House, Valley Arcade, James Gichuru junction, King’ara rd, Nakumatt junction, Race course  (Lenana School).

The working hours are as follows:
  • Full Day:- 8.00AM – 3.30PM ,
  • Half Day :- 8.00 AM – 12.30 PM .
  • There‘s always a member of staff on duty from 7.30 AM to 4.00PM.
You can visit the school at Kilimani along Muringa road, off Ole Dume road, visit their website , tweet them @Appleton_kindergaten or contact them through their facebook page.

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