Amazing Fly Smartphones Deals at Jumia Kenya

Today’s deal of the day at Jumia Kenya is their collection of Fly smartphones. With the 50% discounts, you can get the fly smartphones delivered to you in any part of Kenya for half its price. Below, we look at the phones available at the online store that has come to be so popular when it comes to crazy discounts and deals…


FLY IQ4415Thunder 3
Fly Smartphones
Fly IQ4415 Thunder 3
The Fly IQ4415 Thunder 3 smartphone has a screen size of 4.5″ and a resolution of 840x 480 pix. With a 4GB memory and a 512Mb RAM, you will have enough space to store all your music and apps. The phone also boosts a 1.3Ghz quad core processor, an Android 4.4 operating system and a 5MP camera.
This phone normally goes for Ksh.9.999, but with an amazing 50% discount at Jumia Kenya, you can get it for just Ks. 4, 999 for a limited period of time.
It comes in white or black.


FLY IQ4400 Iris
FLY IQ4400 Iris
The FLY IQ4400 Iris is a little smaller than the IQ4415 with a 4″ screen. It comes with a Dual Core processor, a 4GB memory and a 512 Mb RAM.
The phone normally goes for Ksh. 7,999. It is however on a 50% off offer on Jumia Kenya and you can therefore get it for Ksh. 3,999, and have it delivered to any part of the country for free.
You can get a black or a white one.

Disclaimer: All the dates listed in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Kindly visit for current pricing.

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