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7Pc Non-stick Cooking Pots Review

I just bought this set a few months ago and I’m more than happy with it. It comes with 4 non-stick pots with glass lids, 2 long handled non-stick frying pans and 2 spoons. pots

Though I went for the blue ones, other colors available are green, silver and red. The pots are non-stick which means that your food will cook without burning or sticking to the surface of the pot.

This is not only good for the flavor but also when it comes to cleaning. No more using steel wool. As a mater of fact, scrubbing will compromise the quality of your pots.

I was surprised when I received my order because I did not expect the pots to be as big as they are. The second largest is bigger than my biggest sufuria and that is a very good thing. My household has 4 members and I’m yet to use the largest pot of the lot.

They get real hot very quickly and that plus the lid help in heat use efficiency. Do not worry about burning your hands though as the handles remain cool at all times. The pots stack perfectly into each other making them space efficient. I however have a hard time storing the lids as the handles makes it impossible for them to fit into themselves.


 Product Key Features

  • Non-stick Coating‎,‎
  • Back lite handles for fire resistance‎,‎
  • Internally reinforced 2 coats technology
  • Specially designed bottom for better heat efficiency
  • Non-stick coating‎.‎
  • 100% Non-Toxic Non-stick‎.‎

The Pros


  • They are non-stick and therefore easy to clean
  • They stack into each other making storage neat and easy
  • They are affordable
  • They all have lips which is a good thing
  • Two of them are really big and ideal for a large family

The Cons


  • I find the spoons too bendy for my liking



At a price of about Ksh. 4,500, I have to say that this set is completely worth every cent. You can get your set on Jumia Kenya now before they run out.   

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Until we see each other again, 


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