5 Ways to Reduce your Kenya Power and Lighting Company Bills

Like everything else, the price of electricity is going up every day. If you open your Kenya Power and Lighting Company bills every end month with a sense of dread, it is time you did some changes in the house to ensure that you are happier when paying your essential utility bills in the future. There are simple changes you can do in the house to ensure that you pay Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 2000 less. It might not seem much at first, but this amount adds up over time. Why not use that money to buy essential like baby diapers or to take our family out for lunch?

Kenya Power and Lighting Company Bills

Here are the simple ways you can reduce your monthly KPLC bill…

Ensure that Your Refrigerator is full at all times

 The refrigerator is the major consumer of electricity in the house. To save on the amount of electricity it consumes in a day, ensure that it is always full. An empty fridge spends much energy because of the air circulation. If you have not stocked your refrigerator, it might do your pocket good to put bottles of water in there until you go to the market.

Switch of the Lights
As obvious as this point might seem, there are still people who leave the room without switching off the lights. If a room is not being used, it makes no sense to have the rights on, economically speaking or otherwise. This applies to people who light their rooms during the day. God has given you the sun. Why not use it. The next time you are scouting for houses, avoid the tall and badly lit building apartments. Look for a house whose living room is well lighted by day light during the day.
Switch off Appliances when not being used
You are just done working on your laptop and it is now time to prepare dinner or watch TV. What do you do to the laptop? Do you switch it off completely or do you leave it idle to make it easier for you to resume whatever it is that you were doing. Unknown to most people, appliances on standby mode still spend 20% of the energy they would require while fully operational.  Why not switch them off and put them on when ready to use them again? It’s not that hard.
Replace old Appliances
Appliances that have seen better days are not energy efficient. If you have a water heater that you still used 12 years ago, it is time to do an upgrade. Refrigerators have also evolved a lot in the last few years. You might think that you are saving cash by holding onto your old one, but you are doing more harm that good. While shopping for new electronics, spend that extra penny to get ones that are energy efficient.
Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs

There have been long and aggressive campaigns on the need to switch to energy saving bulbs. For a fraction of the energy you’d normally use on traditional bulbs, you can get a brighter and better lighting in your house. People normally shy away from energy savers because they are a little expensive as compared to the other bulbs. While you can get a traditional bulb for less than Ksh. 80, be prepared to part with not less than Ksh. 250 when it comes to energy savers. If you are prepared to make that initial investment though, you will never have a sad face when openning your Kenya Power and Lighting Company bill. 

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