5 Things I Miss About Being Single

Being in a relationship did not make as huge a difference as getting the kids did. This is, therefore, more of a ‘things I miss about not having kids’ post.

That’s me and my 2 girls.

Sleeping like a baby

I used to love my sleep. The kids came along and now a sound restful sleep is a luxury I no longer enjoy. When you are a mom, you have to sleep with one eye open. I co-sleep with my younger girl and she feeds (I’m not even sure) how many times in a night. The other one has her room and she occasionally wakes up screaming because ‘someone switched off the lights’ and she’s now scared. I can’t quite remember the last time I had a good night sleep and I miss that.

Being able to up and go

It’s not like I was that spontaneous before, but it is still nice to know that you can pack up and leave for God-knows-where at a moment’s notice. I remember a time when I was asked on Friday when I can start a new job, in a new town and I was there on time the following Monday 2 days later. Today, there are so many moving pieces, and a simple trip to the market has to be planned like 2 weeks in advance.

My old body

I used to be a petite little thing. Motherhood happened, I ballooned and slimmed back down. I became pregnant again and this time something new happened. I had a toe surgery and my workout was derailed. I just started working out again about six weeks ago and instead of losing weight, I’m becoming curvier in all the right places. It’s definitely the workout am doing. I now have a butt and hips which feels really weird especially when I’m trying to pour all these curves into my jeans. Though I miss my old body, I’m not too mad about the new one either.

Knowing where everything is

Am a little OCD when it comes to misplacing things. I can go crazy over a misplaced bottle cap. I always know where I’ve kept every single item in the house but with so many people, it gets frustrating when I cannot find an item where I kept it.

Me time

Everyone needs some me-time. As a stay at home mom, I’m always with one or both of my kids. I run errands with them, I visit people with them and you’ll never find me alone. There’s a five minute break when I use the bathroom and even then, someone will be knocking on the door, crying, or calling out my name. I went to the market with a friend for 4 hours last Saturday and left hubby babysittng, and it felt like a vacation. I need to do that more often.

What I don’t miss is not having my kids

As much as I miss those things, I cannot even remember how life was back then. My kids are my everything and I cannot imagine a day without them. They keep me busy and make me absolutely crazy but it is amazing crazy. The house is at times messy, but it’s a beautiful mess. And that’s what I can say about my life now; it’s a beautiful mess. 

Until we see each other again, 

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