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4 Reasons am Not a Perfect Mom

Hubby thinks I am a perfect mom. Yes, I would take a bullet and catch a hand grenade for my daughter, but I still feel that I can never get to a hundred percent. When I brush off hubby’s praises he thinks I am just being modest and this adds to my marks. Between you and me though, there are things I do that make me a less than perfect mom. Below I list the reasons I’m not getting Mom of the Year award any time soon.

I Let my Daughter Sleep as Late as 2300hrs

I have visited mothers with school going kids and I see them have their kids in bed by 8pm like any good mother would. 8 is like 4 in my house. The day is just breaking. I normally lie to myself that she does not have to sleep early since she’ll not be waking up to go to school the following day, but the truth of the matter is that I just want her to keep me company as I watch TV. As a result, she wakes up at 10am the following morning. So, relax. She gets enough sleep.

I Eat Her Food When She Won’t

My people say that a hyena would never eat its young one; this hyena does. I never force my baby to eat her food. She eats whatever she wants whenever she want. I just ensure that there are healthy choices for her in the house like fruits, yoghurt and vegetables at all times. So what happens at meal time when she makes it clear that she’s not interested in whatever I’ve put before her? I eat it. Go ahead and judge.

Here’s how I reason, she’ll take in the nutrients through breast milk. Oh, did I forget to tell you that I’m still nursing a two and a half year old?

I’ve Become Immune to her Crying and Whining

When my girl was little, any sound from her would send me flying across the room. As she grew older,  I started getting used to her cries. It is unfortunate for her that I can tune her out completely and hear absolutely nothing while she lies on the floor crying her lungs out. My brain had to learn to do this for the sake of my own sanity.

The good thing about ignoring a baby when she nags is that she learns that whining does not work. That’s a win win right there.

We Watch TV as we Eat

Parenting rules dictate that you should have the TV off while taking the meals. Just look at this infographic. Just like Joe’s mom, the only time we switch off the TV is while praying for the food. As a matter of fact, we at times only mute it. 


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