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3 Reasons you Should Encourage Your Kids to Take More Fiber

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Fiber is the potion of food that remains unchanged after digestion. It is therefore passed in the stool the same way it was ingested. Foods high in fiber include vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Unfortunately, most kids, just like adults, do not like these foods. It is however very important that you encourage them to take it form an early age. You can use this technique to ensure that your picky eater cultivates the habit of eating healthier.

Below are the health benefits of taking more fiber:

  • It ensures steady and faster movement of food through the bowels. This prevents constipation and all conditions associated with constipation e.g. hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and anus cracks.
  • It occupies space and helps to create a feeling of fullness, meaning we can eat less and stay full for longer. This is critical in ensuring a steady body weight by controlling caloric intake.
  • Though not well understood, it has been proven that fiber helps to reduce incidence of colorectal cancer. Communities that consume foods with a lot of fiber have almost no incidence of colorectal cancer, whereas those that have a diet low in fibre have much higher colorectal cancer incidence.

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