1st Trimester Baby Bump Update

This post is a month too late. You see, my pregnancy turns 4 months today. What that means is that I’ve been in the second trimester for some time now. That said, I figure it’s better to be one month late than 2 months… 3 or even never, right?

There’s a time when my tummy was completely flat. Sigh…

At the first month of pregnancy, most women do not even know that they are pregnant. So was my case. I took a positive pregnancy three days after this first photo was taken.

The second was taken at the peak of my morning sickness. Nausea and bloating had gotten the best of me and I looked more pregnant that I actually was most of the days.

We cheated a little with the third one. Somehow, I could not find time to take a photo and days quickly turned into weeks. Before I knew it, I was nearing the fourth month mark and something had to be done. What am trying to say is that the last image is barely a week old, but let’s all pretend that it was taken at 3 months, ok? No one needs to know the truth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You’ll notice that the tummy has gone down a little. Fortunately for the baby and unfortunately for me, we cannot say the same about the rest of my body. My hips are curvier and my donkey booty is back. I should be excited like I was last time, but I’m wise enough now to know how hard it is to make the weight go away later.

I’m not obsessing over what I eat though. I eat whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. The focus is on getting enough nutrients for the growing bun. And of course satisfying mommy’s occasional cravings!

Much love guys. I always appreciate your stopping by.   

Until we see each other again, 

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