13 Ways of Conserving Water and Reducing your Water Bill

About half the population in Kenya do not have access to clean quality water. When we talk about water coverage, we consider accessibility, quality, affordability and in sufficient quantities. Did you know that for every glass of water a Kenyan has, a Ugandan has 6? Water is one of those precious and rare resources that few stop to think about.


Every Drop Counts

When you have running water in the house, it is often difficult to think about the other person. What most people do not realize is that for every drop of water you waste, someone somewhere is suffering for it. Even if you are comfortable with your monthly water bill, you can still reduce the wastage and help someone else get the water. It is all in the spirit of caring for one another.
For those like me who are simply tired of getting massive water bills at the end of the month, there are small changes you and I can do around the house to reduce the amount.
In this article, we look at 13 of the most basic and easiest ways to conserve water by reducing wastage in and around the house.

  1. Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth
  2. Do your laundry two times a week instead of everyday
  3. Recycle your laundry water; use it in the toilet or to clean the pavements
  4. Check your faucets, toilet and pipes for leaks
  5. Do not rinse your dishes under running water; fill the sink with water or use a water spray
  6. Rinse the vegetable in a filled sink instead of under running water
  7. Look for a shower head that is water-saving
  8. Collect and store rainwater
  9. Take a shower instead of a bath
  10. Reduce the time you spend in the shower
  11. Use a float booster in your toilet
  12. Use a hose and not a broom to clean your paved compound
  13. Do not use the toilet as a garbage basket

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